Fine Watchmaking

Bernies is very proud to be among the only ones to offer an exemplary model of excellence born of the highest level of complexity used in the dressing of our watch cases, know solely as damascening. A technique synonymous with the meticulous inlaying of precious metals.
This technique allows inclusion by the crimping one metal into another.

Only the know-how transmitted from craftsman to craftsman since well before the Middle Ages, associated with the dexterity of the Master, allows its realization. Our Maison is keenly aware the incredible accomplishment attained in producing for you classic 22 carat yellow gold inlaid.

Its name : the « Golden Hour »*

The beauty of the inlay on the watch case propels this watch into a parallel world of  Haute Horlogerie at its pinnacle.   The watch case, once elaborated, takes on an appearance that cannot be found elsewhere. The metal comes to life as the colors dance around its mechanical heart.

*The "Golden Hour" is a short period before sunset or sunrise. This time of day is recognizable by its particular light: the sky takes on a golden-orange color, which gave its name to this moment of the day.

Introduction to the model

This classic Artis Arti model is gold 22 k inlaid and is exclusively produced in a series of 10 pieces co-signed by Alain Lovenberg.

Welcome to our world, where human values exceed technicality with more than 250 hours of handmade work per timepiece case.


Technical specifications

  • Hand-engraved steel case
  • Chiselling
  • Combination of the intaglio engraving technique and the hollow base
  • 22-carat yellow gold inlay
  • Watch co-signed - limited edition
  • Bleached silver dial and yellow gold indexes

Presentation of the Master Engraver Alain Lovenberg

Alain Lovenberg was born in 1950 at the gates of Liège. A graduate of the Ecole Liégeoise de Gravure Léon Mignon, Alain Lovenberg has been working as an engraver and chiseller since 1971.

He creates one of kind masterpieces using various ancestral hand engraving techniques.

An independent craftsman with an international reputation, M. Lovenberg is highly sought after by major watchmaking companies, the largest luxury arms manufacturers and private collectors. His workshop is located in Belgium, near Durbuy in the province of Luxembourg

It is in this workshop that Bernard first learned to guilloché in 2016 and then, thanks to Alain Lovenberg's monumental know-how, quickly progressed to the techniques of engraving, cutting and inlaying of precious metals.

Mentor, visionary, exceptional creator, Bernard is the last know recipient of Alain Lovenberg’s remarkable knowledge and techniques no longer found in written form.

“Project carried out with the support of the Sofina Boël Fund, managed by the King Baudoin Foundation”


This authentic watch combines their respective passions in an effort to achieve « perfection » 


Introduction to damascene or precious metal inlay

This technique has been used in Europe since ancient times, initially by applying gold and silver to bronze from the Bronze Age in the 2nd millennium BC.

Its name comes from Damascus in Syria where it first appeared.

Lost or forgotten, inlaying has been found throughout history. However, this technique was very successful in the 16th century when it became all the rage.

Damascene inlay consists in cold inlaying, with a hammer, of small threads of precious metals (gold, silver, copper) so that they are integrated into another metal surface (steel, iron, copper) to form a decoration. One metal is set into another in a purely artistic and artisanal way.

The final decoration will have been designed by the craftsman and created according to the surface to be dressed.

The smaller the surface to be engraved and cut, the more difficult it is to create the decoration.


Why produce a gold inlaid watch?

The reasons that drive our workshops:

  • The omnipresent desire to perpetuate forgotten skills (hand guilloche and damascene or inlay). Today in 21st Century, few workshops remain worldwide with the ability to produce this type of art.
  • Touching the heart of the material and the heart of lovers of fine watchmaking
  • To offer a model of excellence proving that old techniques are still relevant.
  • In October 2022 Bernies celebrated its 5th Anniversary and this gold inlaid model is the symbol of our success. A double success, hence 10 pieces produced.

Price of the Golden Hour : from €45.000 (taxes excluded)

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