…We don't try to be the best, we are authentic….

This is the guiding principle of Bernies, which takes you into the unique spirit of a one-of-a-kind brand. Bernies symbolises the reflection of elegance, subtly blending ancestral know-how with modern techniques. Pure lines, fine guilloche work, unexpected design, rigour and precision, such are the strong points of Bernies. Our challenge: to propel you to the zenith of time by exploring the subtle architecture of our models.


The story of Bernies S.C. starts in 2016, with the discovery of the hand-guillochage craftmanship mainly used for the decoration of watch dials, by Bernard Van Ormelingen, passionate about watchmaking and old techniques linked to rare crafts. In 2017, creation of a watchmaking workshop, closed to the public, where we are gradually responding to orders from Factories looking for unique craftsmanship to complete their own creations. We also produce 100% handmade custom-made models for Belgium, France and Switzerland. We participate in high level watchmaking project (Van Bricht) which allow us to be known internationally (Asia and USA). Then we concentrate on the creation of guilloché jewellery, while giving priority to the creation of watches, to launch our new collections in May 2021. Our workshop has become a factory which is now open to enthusiasts by appointment only.

Introduction to hand guilloche

Guilloché is a very old technique of "hand engraving" which appeared during the 16th century, and which became more distinctive in the 18th century with the arrival of the first adapted machines, to reach its peak in the 19th century. Guilloché is the creation of an engraving made up of straight lines and curves on noble materials: gold, silver, bronze,.. The precise term for this tangle of lines is called "guilloche". The craftsman uses a hand-operated guilloche machine. The chisel is not held by the hand of the operator but is placed on a manually operated machine which can produce a pattern in a rigorous manner. The technique requires not only great concentration, a precise gesture and regularity in the movement of the chisel, but above all a creative character on the part of the person using it. The result will be a particular reflection for a surprising realization.

Presentation of Bernard Van Ormelingen

At 23 years old Bernard already has some great experiences and achievements in the field of watchmaking, from which he graduates in 2019. Also, since 2016, he is the only apprentice of Master Engraver Alain Lovenberg, who taught him hand-guilloche and with whom he is currently continuing advanced training in damascene. Bernard had the great privilege of doing his end-of-studies internship at Jaeger-LeCoultre (Switzerland) in watchmaking, and in their Rare Crafts department (guillochage) where he obtained the highest distinction. With an excellent 3D vision and a mind for conceptualizing special pieces adapted to today's requirements, Bernard remains passionate about combining the work of old machines with 21st century demands.



Each Bernies watch is supplied with a warranty certificate and instructions for use. The certificate shows the date and place of purchase of your watch.


Our workshops offer many answer to your most common questions and problems such as: water-resistance, cleaning and maintenance, resetting the time, changing the strap, etc. We work on a case-by-case basis.


Your Bernies watch is guaranteed for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. Your timepiece is warranted against manufacturing defects as determined in our workshops. Any component during this 2 year period will be repaired or replaced free of charge at Bernies' sole discretion.


Repairs or maintenance of your Bernies watch will only be carried out in our workshops. Any repairs, work carried out and components replaced will be guaranteed for two years from the date of the service. Repair and overhaul times vary according to the model concerned. Our customers are kept informed of the normal timescales for their overhaul and are provided with a quotation prior to any intervention. Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions for further details.