Classic Black

Refined by its simple and original line and adapted to exceed the expectations of our era, it is the perfect meld of ancient guilloche techniques with the most sublime of materials.
Heir to the meaning of "Artis Arti" or "Art of Technique", it is the result of careful qualitative research.

Moon Phase White

An Ambassador of Beauty, it is intended to astonish. Under each dial is a different hand-engraved quotation related to the moon.  Bewilderingly unique, it becomes your talisman.


With its rare finesse, it exudes an exceptional aura.

A timeless and sure value, its nobility brings the craftsman’s work to life.

The 18k yellow gold case (weight 52.4 gr) houses our guilloché in a nest of precious material.

Bernies or… the Reflection of Elegance

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